When I found out that I had been given a voucher to get my photo take with urban life photography, I didn’t want to get it done at all by myself, as I felt I was not pretty enough to have photos done by a professional as for a a few years (since year 7) I have been told I’m ugly, called pimple face, and picked on for my teeth. Even when I take selfies I don’t have an open smile because I don’t like my teeth. My mum said just to give it go as it would be good for me to get my hair and make up done. On the way to get the photos, I was very nervous about it. I brought one of my closest friends with me for support and I also had my mum,brother and little sister there.

When I got my hair done I started to feel a bit better about myself and then after my make up being done I was shocked! I looked different! Everyone said I looked beautiful, but I still thought I wasn’t pretty. I then was taken in to do the photo shoot, still nervous I took my friend in with me. Edwin took 3 sets of shots. By the 3rd set, I was confident enough to go in by myself.

After these where done we got to see my photos ….. I was so shocked! I looked so different! I liked nearly all of them, I felt good about myself and the way I looked, and being told by people how pretty I looked with my hair and make done and that I should be a model. I have more confidence in myself then before I had the photos taken.

I would like to thank everyone at urban life for everything they did for me one the day. I have more self confidence now and a more positive outlook!

~ Melinda